Grow is HEIMAT for radical ideas. An open space to think differently and generate innovation. A space generating ideas, which will change the world. Pulsmacher approached us to transform this claim into a perceptible experience. Let’s celebrate the power of great ideas!

Client: BOSCH grow
Agency: Pulsmacher
Creative Director (agency): Thorsten Weh
Production company: Studio Flox
written by: Maximilian Zenk & Florian Haßler
directed by: Florian Haßler
Voice talent: Darrell Brown
Producer: Annette Schneider
Production assistant: Sabrina Fink
Papercraft objects: Vera Van Wolferen
Stop-motion-animation: Alice Reily De Souza
Rigging: Maximilian Zenk & Tobias Bosch
Music & sound-design: Markus Götze
Editor: Hartmut Ulmer
Set design: Ina Küfner
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